Passion Forward

Passion Forward
photography | Enzo Mondejar
styling | Eric Poliquit
model | Mark Jason Go of Yeoh Models
Vintage Indian Garb | Gerry Katigbak
Shoes (Tango) Mutated Clogs | Ushi Sato

I am a Filipino Photographer, that does my designation efficiently and effectively. When an opportunity arises, wherein I can represent my country and showcase the love and dedication in the artform that I do, I will make sure that I will do my very best to elevate the state of my country's creative state. It's one thing that I am well aware of the shortcomings the creative scene has . . . just like everywhere else, but it's another thing too to let an opening, an opportunity to help, represent and nurture what existing talent we have as Filipinos. Let us all be competent. Both in the local and global scene. We know we are. :)

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