Photography | Enzo Mondejar

Styling | Eric Poliquit

Hair & Make Up | Mark Kingson Qua

Models | Carlo Atienza & Alvin Aguilar

Studio | The Lighthouse Studio

This is the third installment of my Collaboration Series with select people in the industry I work in called Fashion. I always like to excite people’s consciousness through the works I do, and if I can do it effortlessly just by simply delivering the best imagery that I can, I think I have accomplished my goal. This series won’t be possible if not for the efforts of the people who provided their time and effort to do a test shoot with me and Eric. So, Nicco!... my hats off, I’m forever grateful… to Qua, tamaaah! Shoot lang ng shoot para sikat! Hahaha. ^_^

*Dissection is a visual interpretation on how humans have used animal parts for Science, which the Photographer Enzo Mondejar translated into fashion with minimal yet striking styling from Eric Poliquit making use of the model’s features to accentuate the random skeletal pieces of lifeless animal-parts used for educational purposes.

This editorial is featured in YVYMAG.COM:


COCOON | Femme

Photography by Enzo Mondejar
Styling by Eric Poliquit
Hair and Make up by Clarence Cordova
Custom Dress by Cheetah Rivera
Model: Faith Beliran
Model Caster: Yeoh Egwaras
Shot in The Mondejar Studios

This is the first part of the second installment of my collaborative work with select artists and designers which I did with Stylist Eric Poliquit. This time around, it’s a visual treat about a customized dress the Designer: Cheetah Rivera did exclusively for us (Eric and I) to shoot. The story of the dress is simple, according to Cheetah, when he was creating the piece, his thoughts are all about “cocoon”; to envelop, insulate and shelter… and having that in mind, as I photographed the series, I made sure that the message was delivered through the end-result of my work. The flow of the whole shoot grew to us ‘metamorphically’, as organic and as truthful to our intentions, and the good thing was… We all loved the experience!

Thanks to Clarence’s work on hair and make up, it is as delicate as a butterfly’s wing, kudos! Faith’s dedication to my directions, amazing! And Eric’s unwavering talent to produce a style that I require to create magic through photography. Of course, to Cheetah… iniaalay ko ito sa iyo! Hahaha (I am dedicating this work to you, ^_^) Special thanks to Yeoh for the trust and Edwin Tan for the Black Catsuit Faith wore for this. There is a second part of this series, featuring a variation of the dress, so you guys watch out for it, really soon. Thanks again.

Collaboration is the future of the world! ^_^

portfolio | BAKA

Photography by Enzo Mondejar
Styling by Eric Poliquit
Original Concept of BAKA by Meneer Marcelo
Models: Jose Alfonso Uy and Jing Mondejar
Shot in The Mondejar Studios
Clothes and Accessories by Edwin Tan, Knell Fabiania, Meneer Marcelo and Eric Poliquit

It has been weeks since I uploaded some editorial photos I took. And I feel that it’s about time to share several with you guys. And in the spirit of creating a diverse yet cohesive collection of work, I am proud to start my post with the first installment from my Collaboration Series in which I worked hard doing with the help of the Stylist, Eric Poliquit. To start off, this is an editorial I did about BAKA.

BAKA was originally conceived as a sticker that would join the “sticker war scene” in the streets of Manila. The idea came when BAKA’s creator (Meneer Marcelo) remembered his pet cow on his way home while riding a jeepney. He wanted to challenge and tickle people’s wits through thought provoking statements and silly visuals. This led to the design and printing of black and white stickers that would later have multiple relationships with walls, lampposts, buses, shoes, cell phones and other willing materials. After a year BAKA found interest in the soft very humane object called tee shirts and eventually met notebooks, pins, and lighters.

Through the amazing work of Cholo Uy and Jing Mondejar, who modeled for the series, I was glad I achieved the original concept I had in mind for this. Dark, mysterious and set in a minimal shady environment, the scene provided a converse dimension to the BAKA ideology. Odd yet inviting, true to what the heart of my body of work is. Styled by Eric Poliquit, with just a set Jodhpur pants from Edwin Tan and band-aids, the whole look was realized to match the Cow-headpieces from the BAKA creator himself. Prior to the series, the prelude of BAKA is a series featuring a jacket and some accessories from designer Knell Fabiania, also a very cute and adorable portrait of my White Labrador named Princess. Thanks and I hope you enjoy viewing this.

Collaboration is the Future of the World. ^_^