STYLING WORK | Sports Pilipinas on GMA News TV 11 | September 25, 2012 Taping

Doing associate styling for the GMA News TV show SPORTS PILIPINAS, aired every 11:15AM on local Philippine channel 11. 

Sports Pilipinas is a sports and fitness show suited for both sports buffs and active lifestyle enthusiasts under the country's leading news channel, GMA News TV 11. Airing every Sunday , 11:15AM, Sports Pilipinas is hosted by senior sports correspondent Chino Trinidad and Kapuso star Isabel Oli. Styling for the show, headed by Eric Poliquit.

Isabel and Chino doing their spiels at The Elorde Boxing Gym in Makati.

 Isabel doing her spiels right where the punching bags are situated inside the gym. Second photo shows Isabel wearing a white with lavander detail PUMA top, while delivering spiels ringside.

Earlier that day,Isabel and the rest of the crew did a segment on location at Novaliches, Quezon City.

We have to wake up at 330 in the morning to meet the 5AM calltime, but due to some last minute changes with our driver, we were picked-up later than we have expected.

Here, we are taping a segment that will feature a blind runner. His story is really inspiring, you have to catch it on this Sunday's episode.

Here, Isabel joined our guest blind runner and his trainer in an introduction video filmed in an isolated road inside an exclusive subdivision in Quezon City.

The team and crew of Sports Pilipinas filming Isabel's segment for the upcoming episode this Sunday.

Here, Isabel had her first-hand experience running blindly, trusting only the trainer. According to her, it was really a challenging experience. This gives so much meaning in appreciating what we have now, being able to see things and doing what we like without anything making it harder for us.

On location, it was fun doing my first associate styling work for the show, next week, we will tape a new episode out of town. Just finished doing some set of pulls from our sponsors. Really excited for it.

Special thanks to PUMA for Isabel Oli's wardrobe. And Eric Poliquit for heading the styling work for the show. Don't miss this episode this Sunday on GMA News TV 11. at 11:15AM



SHORT COURSES at the School of Fashion and the Arts (SoFA MANILA)

Admissions for the SHORT COURSES will be open until the week of Sept. 24. Be sure to enroll by then!

Call 478-4622 loc. 103 or e-mail

My third term teaching Fashion Photography will commence next week. See you! :)



STUDENT FEATURE | Activity 8 Art and Fashion: Fundamentals in Fashion Photography

Hello everyone, I am sharing the works of my students from the last photo shoot activity we did in-class, creating several looks and taking photos of it. Each student were required to do a look from the accessories I have brought in class. Another requirement from the students is to push the level of their creativity and play around with the treatment and post-processing work for each of their photos. This will hopefully teach them how to conceptualize an image from the moment the look is created to the post-shoot work process it went through. Do check the original blogpost here:

 Let's see their works:

Styled by Enzo Mondejar, photo by Nikita Lafrades

Styled and photo by Nikita Lafrades

Styled by ReiGill Medestomas, photo by Nikita Lafrades

Styled by Tippi Sy, photo by Nikita Lafrades

Styled by Hannah Sison, photo by Nikita Lafrades

Styled by Enzo Mondejar, photo by ReiGill Medestomas

Styled by Nikita Lafrades, photo by ReiGill Medestomas

Styled and photographed by ReiGill Medestomas

Styled by Tippi Sy, photo by ReiGill Medestomas

Styled by Hannah Sison, photo by ReiGill Medestomas

Styled by Enzo Mondejar, photo by Tippi Sy

Styled by Nikita Lafrades, photo by Tippi Sy

Styled by ReiGill Medestomas, photo by Tippi Sy

Styled and photographed by Tippi Sy

Styled by Hannah Sison, photo by Tippi Sy

Styled by Enzo Mondejar, photo by Hannah Sison

Styled by Nikita Lafrades, photo by Hannah Sison

Styled and photographed by Hannah Sison

Styled and photographed by Julie Manalad

Until next time!


Activity 8 FASHION PHOTOGRAPHY at SoFA MANILA | Understanding The Fundamentals of Fashion Photography

 Last week, my class did an in-class photo activity session where we took photos AND styled our model. The objective of the activity is to strengthen the student's perception in incorporating the 2 fundamentals of what I teach: Art and Fashion.

An important factor in making and producing fashion photographs is understanding how important it is for the artistic and fashion element to be present in each of their photos. This is the one thing that separates an ordinary picture(technically good but lacks the 'bite' and recall needed) to a well conceptualized fashion image.

The core of our learning is to emphasize on each of my student's style in photography, the definitive message of their styled look to our model and to 'portray' a story from the looks they have come up with. I see a lot of people, taking the path, or maybe just wanting to become a fashion photographer, and seem to miss out on this important foundation.

The photo above is the look i styled(and photographed) with found objects from the selection of styling materials I brought for the class. The activity required each student to form a look that would best tell the 'story' of their photo. With a limited time and on-the-spot creative thinking, they are required to 'take advantage' of the face paint, fabrics, art materials, headpieces and lots of accessories and use it for styling. This activity is to gauge them on how the creative process takes place from the initial point of seeing the styling materials, to the actual execution of styling and taking photograph, a fun activity every fashion photographer should practice every now and then in discerning on 'When is too much TOO MUCH?" or "What is my style story?" and "How can I tell a story through a single fashion photograph?."

My Story for this: The Habagat Rains Headpiece.


Here are some of my students taking each of their turn taking photos from he look, starting with RG, while he check on his previews:

Below, Hannah takes her turn in getting photos from the same look, I wonder on what her interpretation is on this one?

Tippi here, with the look styled by RG, trying out on some alternate angles with Gugle(Our model for that day):

... and showing previews too:

How about this look styled by Tippi? ... KABOOM

I brought some familiar headpieces from past editorials I shot... for this, the Brain Headpiece and the the foam putty:

We have shot a total of 5 looks from the activity, the rest will just be a surprise, and I can't wait to see the final images from them. The end of term for my students in my class is approaching, in fact, this week, it is their Finals Week, so for that... We will be having our Finals Activity next. Thanks and Keep shooting! :)