STUDENT FEATURE | SoFA Second Semester Fashion Photography | Finals Activity

Hi Everyone,

Sharing to you some of the photos of several of my fashion photography students this semester. These are the photos they took of Mark and Amman of Yeoh Models, styled by Eric Poliquit, with hair and make up from Krista Silva, shot on location at ICE Creatives Studio.

As we have used pieces from local designers, I particularly selected designs that were out-of-the-norm and are entirely interesting to capture in a photograph, revealing different silhouettes and structures to push them to develop an eye and appreciation in the world of arts, not just in fashion. For this, I have to thank Leeroy New, Tedd Mabitazan and SoFA's very own Tony Evans(Cranial Couture) for letting us use the pieces for our shoot.

Feel free to click on the names of my students to open a new tab directing to their online portfolios(which is also a part of our activity)


In this final photo shoot activity, the students were tasked to take part in several challenges I have set up for them as I gauge them on the level of their understanding in the discipline of fashion photography gathered from the duration of our course.


Working with 2 male models was a first for our class, making our photo shoot activity, diverse and this made it easier for the students to have their photo shoot workflow faster and gather more images/looks from a single photo shoot instead of just one.


One challenge I have given them is on how one can properly determine the focus of their subject in contrast to either the foreground or background I have set for each of them. With understanding their composition, they can easily select which to focus on and on which to consider as a support element in their images.

Apart from that, I have set up mobile set that tested their sense of 'teamwork' and sense of camaraderie as they assist each other in making the flow of the photo shoot as manageable as possible in spite of the terrible weather they have to endure shooting semi-outdoor.


Working on found objects as props, like some leaves and even a collapse-able wooden ladder enables them to venture out of their comfort zones, which is highly beneficial in the future projects they will be doing once they finally enter the real world of fashion.


One of the major challenges of the shoot is ... drizzle(or actually rain!) ... to the point that we have to stop our shoot since the downpour makes it hard for us to complete and finish the activity. On the other hand, that challenge made them realize that outdoor location shoots are really hard to produce since you are not working in a controlled environment, but rather in a deeply bipolar-global warming-induced weather.


Our stylist Eric created a 'light' and a 'dark' look for my students, each has its pros and cons in photographing their assigned subject. While our HMUA Krista solidified the looks with producing interesting brush-works on the models' faces. Allocation of the looks were based on the sequence of their arrival in the location of our photo shoot. Also, each student were timed on their photo activity challenges. This teaches them to learn the value of time and on how to make importance of it every time they will be a part of a creative team in a photo shoot.


I will miss this batch, they are the third batch I taught at the  SoFA Design Institute and hopefully I can get to see them and work with them in the future, maybe as a stylist or as a fellow photographer. The future is bright for them.


You can also check some of my students' portfolio just by clicking their names: KRISTINE TORIBIO and MARIEL FERNANDEZ

To all that helped my class, from the start of the term til our last activity. Thanks!
To the models and designers, to our resident HMUA Krista and school administrators, thanks!

Until next term!



Hello Everyone!

I am sharing some photos from the recent photo shoot activity my class and I did for our finals activity. Under my supervision, my photography students get to shoot Mark and Amman of YEOH Models, and was able to work with celebrity stylist Eric Poliquit on the set. With hair and grooming work from Krista Silva, the students were given challenges that tested their technical know-how in the discipline of photography... apart from the challenges, they too were tested to complete the activity in a given time, making sure that they learn the value and importance of time management and having the sense of urgency in completing a given task without any delay. We have used some design pieces in our photo shoot from local designers such as SoFA's very own Tony Evan, Baguio-based deisgner Tedd Mabitazan and Designer/Artist Leeroy New. I might be able to share the photos of my students some of the photos soon once all of them have submitted theirs, for the mean time, here are some of the photos I quickly snapped while the photo shoot activity was on-going.

Headpiece by Tony Evan of Cranial Couture
Shredded top by Tedd Mabitazan
Obi-cast by Leeroy New

 Headpiece by Tony Evan of Cranial Couture
Vest by Tedd Mabitazan


Amman and Mark of YEOH Models
Photographed by Enzo Mondejar
Styling by Eric Poliquit
Hair and grooming by Krista Silva
Shot on location at ICE Creatives Studio Café



I photographed Brazilian model and photographer Daniel Benjamin last week, thought of sharing some of the preview photos we took of him before the actual editorial.

You can check Daniel Benjamin's work by clicking THIS

Leather visor all in kidskin by Maco Custodio. Available in Cura v Powerplant Mall
Pinstriped vest by Jeffrey Rogador

Pinstriped coat and vest by Jeffrey Rogador
 Navy derby shoes with yellow accent in the counter all kidskin leather. leather soles by Maco Custodio. Available by order at


Daniel Benjamin
Photographed by Enzo Mondejar
Styling by Eric Poliquit
Hair and grooming by Bo Vicencio
Associate Styling by Jan Michael Villanueva
Fashion Intern | Albert Soria
Shot on location at ICE Creatives Studio Café



Sharing to you some excerpts from the photo shoot from The Philippine Star feature of the 2012 Graduates of the SoFA Design Institute. Please do check the original article posted HERE or yesterday's broadsheet(010613) for the published version on the cover of Allure Section under Luis Espiritu, Jr's article Multiple Choice.

My original blog post is available by clicking THIS

Photography by Enzo Mondejar • Hair and makeup by Anjie Gogna • Models: Eriko and Khamae of Yeoh Models