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I am sharing some photos from the recent photo shoot activity my class and I did for our finals activity. Under my supervision, my photography students get to shoot Mark and Amman of YEOH Models, and was able to work with celebrity stylist Eric Poliquit on the set. With hair and grooming work from Krista Silva, the students were given challenges that tested their technical know-how in the discipline of photography... apart from the challenges, they too were tested to complete the activity in a given time, making sure that they learn the value and importance of time management and having the sense of urgency in completing a given task without any delay. We have used some design pieces in our photo shoot from local designers such as SoFA's very own Tony Evan, Baguio-based deisgner Tedd Mabitazan and Designer/Artist Leeroy New. I might be able to share the photos of my students some of the photos soon once all of them have submitted theirs, for the mean time, here are some of the photos I quickly snapped while the photo shoot activity was on-going.

Headpiece by Tony Evan of Cranial Couture
Shredded top by Tedd Mabitazan
Obi-cast by Leeroy New

 Headpiece by Tony Evan of Cranial Couture
Vest by Tedd Mabitazan


Amman and Mark of YEOH Models
Photographed by Enzo Mondejar
Styling by Eric Poliquit
Hair and grooming by Krista Silva
Shot on location at ICE Creatives Studio Café

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