Illustrado Magazine - Dubai August 2011 Cover

My First Cover <3

Illustrado's ART ATTACK Issue - August 2011
Issue 54
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Virtual Virtuosos
Advertising Mafia, Filipino Style
Fashion: Hallucinations in RGB
Battle of the Bands
Pinoys in the Dubai Art Scene
The Art of War: Surviving the Metro Commute
Filipino Schools in the Gulf
Annie B Chronicles: Eskwelang Kwela

Photographer: Enzo Mondejar
Stylist: Eric Poliquit
Hair and Make up Artist: Nina Dumpa
Hair and Make up assistant: Ads Tongson
Model: Manuela Basilio

Burgundy mandarin collar chemise and hot pants by Edwin Tan; turquoise and shell necklace, wood and turquoise cuff all by Ronald Mabanag

Geneva Cruz and An Inconvenient Truth

Photo by Enzo Mondejar
Hair and Make up by Nina Dumpa
Styling by Eric Poliquit
Accessories: Geneva Cruz
Corset: Jerry Ocampo
Place: "Jetlandia" in San Simon, Pampanga. Jet Galang

Thoughts from Geneva Cruz about the current state of our environment, really worth the 5-minutes of your time reading it:

"This lady has an opinion about almost everything, and here it is for the world to see." ♥

Enough is enough is enough
I can't go on, I can't go on, no more no
enough is enough is enough
-Donna Summer (actually singing about a dude, but it also applies here).

What is the real state of our environment? You have politicians telling you that there is an undeniable evidence of global warming. Thousands of species become extinct every day because we are cutting down the rain forests. All around the Earth, environmentalists are pointing out devastation.
On the other hand some would have us believe that the Earth is perfectly fine. They say that all of the changes that the Earth is going through are perfectly normal & that we have nothing to worry about. Who is telling the truth?

The Earth is the planet given to us by GOD to live on. Despite what scientists might have us believe, it is the only planet in our solar system that humanity can comfortably inhabit. The Earth is a paradise for the creatures that live on it. Every species on this planet has it's place in the circle of life. Human beings need food, clothing, & shelter to survive. All of these are provided in ample supply in GOD's green Earth. It is an unfortunate fact the we have not taken good care of d land that has been placed in our guardianship. Hopefully, it is not too late.

*the photo is just one of the many photos we shot for Geneva's new record album to be released later this year. Watch out for it!!! :)

Gibran and Chris

Gibran Alonzo and Chris Garcia by Enzo Mondejar 
Styling by Eric Poliquit.
Necklaces by Os Accessories
Drop-crotch pants by Norman Noriega

*Watch out for them this AUGUST 2011

featured in

Three Years - Listening Party | Geneva Cruz

Photo by Enzo Mondejar
Hair and Make up by Nina Dumpa
Styling by Eric Poliquit
Accessories by Ale Walsh
Haute Couture: Michele Sison
Place: "Jetlandia" in San Simon, Pampanga. Jet Galang

Together with Geneva's good friend/co-producer/ Junji Arias and the band... Last night, they brought the 'Three Years' Listening Party at Capone's Bistro in A~venue Mall. Geneva performed songs that are featured on her soon-to-be-released album. Watch out for it! ♥ Peace! ☮


Meneer Marcelo Sketches for House of Laurel

In line with my earlier post about Meneer Marcelo 's project for Rajo Laurel ,
I came across Rajo's Blog earlier today at and to my surprise,
he actually posted some of the studies for the wall painting for House of Laurel.

do check Rajo's Blog here

I was surprised to see the studies Meneer did. Here's why:

Okay, that may be a bit too assuming... so what I did was post Rajo's
blog in my facebook wall. And after a few minutes, A friend from Dubai
saw the link and asked me if one of the sketches are base from my portrait.
I said, maybe. because I am not sure. Here's Meneer's sketch he is talking about:

Luckily, Meneer commented in the post, saying, yes, one of the studies
he presented to Rajo was, in fact, me. Well, ain't that somethin'! haha...

Anyway, since there's only one image that is considered for the wall painting,
it was that of Augusto which was selected. I am glad at the very least, because
the photo reference in which the sketch was pulled out from is taken by yours truly.
here's that sketch on the upper right-hand side:

And since the project already commenced, here's a work-in-progress photo
taken from Nona Aila Calingasan :

you can check more of the behind-the scenes photos HERE
from Meneer's Tumblr site!

Now, I am really excited to do a pull from Rajo, probably
in my next magazine editorial. I will make sure I'll feature his
great creations, and see the painting with my own eyes! :)

Life is getting better lately. <3

Meneer Marcelo for Rajo Laurel

Artwork by Meneer Marcelo

Recently, I was tagged by Meneer Marcelo , a good friend and a great Artist
from one of the studies he did for a wall painting he will be doing for the fashion designer
Rajo Laurel . The painting is for Rajo's shop in Makati. I was so surprised that the study shows
an image of a profile of a man, showing a graceful neck. I instantly recall that once, I think,
I read somewhere within Meneer's posts that we have the same liking for people with
extremely -beyond ordinary- long necks. I may be wrong but I think this was inspired by this:

Allan Augusto Maiate by Enzo Mondejar

That link above is a set Eric Poliquit and I did not too long ago as tests for Brazilian Model
Allan Maiate with her girlfriend Vanne Leon.

What do you think guys? as soon as I get some photos from the progress of the wall painting,
I will let you know guys, and share it here :)

Yeoh Models by Enzo Mondejar

WATCH OUT for them this