Meneer Marcelo Sketches for House of Laurel

In line with my earlier post about Meneer Marcelo 's project for Rajo Laurel ,
I came across Rajo's Blog earlier today at and to my surprise,
he actually posted some of the studies for the wall painting for House of Laurel.

do check Rajo's Blog here

I was surprised to see the studies Meneer did. Here's why:

Okay, that may be a bit too assuming... so what I did was post Rajo's
blog in my facebook wall. And after a few minutes, A friend from Dubai
saw the link and asked me if one of the sketches are base from my portrait.
I said, maybe. because I am not sure. Here's Meneer's sketch he is talking about:

Luckily, Meneer commented in the post, saying, yes, one of the studies
he presented to Rajo was, in fact, me. Well, ain't that somethin'! haha...

Anyway, since there's only one image that is considered for the wall painting,
it was that of Augusto which was selected. I am glad at the very least, because
the photo reference in which the sketch was pulled out from is taken by yours truly.
here's that sketch on the upper right-hand side:

And since the project already commenced, here's a work-in-progress photo
taken from Nona Aila Calingasan :

you can check more of the behind-the scenes photos HERE
from Meneer's Tumblr site!

Now, I am really excited to do a pull from Rajo, probably
in my next magazine editorial. I will make sure I'll feature his
great creations, and see the painting with my own eyes! :)

Life is getting better lately. <3


  1. yey!!! nagulat din nga ako e pero di ko nasabi sayo. go tau sa opening ng collection sa sat 9 am

  2. Eric and I will try to make it promise! a-attack kami, hopefully our schedule permits us too! hahaha... Bilang androgyny collection, papahuli ba kami?! eh peg nga ng collection nya ang photos ko! chot! :)