Meneer Marcelo for Rajo Laurel

Artwork by Meneer Marcelo

Recently, I was tagged by Meneer Marcelo , a good friend and a great Artist
from one of the studies he did for a wall painting he will be doing for the fashion designer
Rajo Laurel . The painting is for Rajo's shop in Makati. I was so surprised that the study shows
an image of a profile of a man, showing a graceful neck. I instantly recall that once, I think,
I read somewhere within Meneer's posts that we have the same liking for people with
extremely -beyond ordinary- long necks. I may be wrong but I think this was inspired by this:

Allan Augusto Maiate by Enzo Mondejar

That link above is a set Eric Poliquit and I did not too long ago as tests for Brazilian Model
Allan Maiate with her girlfriend Vanne Leon.

What do you think guys? as soon as I get some photos from the progress of the wall painting,
I will let you know guys, and share it here :)

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