A Fashionable Manang and A Fashionable Wish

A year ago... When all that is MANANG started to become viral in the web, thanks to some
fashion savvy friends like Karl Leuterio for example, sharing the editorial photos in his blog I took which was styled by Eric Poliquit, I remember Manang, feeling overjoyed, finding out Rajo Laurel saw her photos.

So, since we are having an upcoming exhibit that will feature Manang as the main muse, wearing designs from FaDAL (Fashion Designers Alliance Manila) together with Os Accessories,  Eric and I thought of asking Rajo last night via email if he's willing to lend Manang a dress that she could wear for the event. And when I checked my email, I read his reply. 

Manang's wish is granted

Watch out for Manang, wearing one of Rajo's latest collection. To find out what will it be,


  1. wohoo! ang bongga ni Manang! congratulations in advance guys!!! :)

  2. We're all very excited to showcase our photo shoots real soon! See you dear!

  3. Thanks Edan <3 <3 <3 Hope to see you there :)