STUDENT FEATURE | Basic Portraiture Activity

Here is the first of my weekly feature from my class in SoFA, brought to you specially by my awesome Fashion Photography students!

I have asked them to show me a photo/series of photos that would best describe their work as a Photographer.
I can already see some promising talents! 

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!

Photo Series from KC del Rosario

 Photo Series from Nerissa Chambers 

 Photo Series from Hazel Kris Fernando
 Photo Series from Joy Dauz

Photo from Eunice Sason


  1. hi sir ! when will u be teaching again for SOFA? I would love to enroll and learn more about fashion photography. : ]

    1. Hello Jaroro!

      I am currently teaching the short course til April 2012, I am not really sure if the Fashion Photography course would roll-over and be available after that month, but if you want to check, it's best to email me at, so as I can get back to you with an update. :)