STYLING WORK | Sports Pilipinas on GMA News TV 11 | December 11, 2012 Taping

Hello Everyone,

Taped an episode of Sports Pilipinas a while ago in the rough terrains of Taytay, Rizal.

Isabel Oli wearing Reebok. Behind are cyclists riding the rough terrains of where we shot on location.

Isabel trying to get the feel of the sturdy bike. A specialized assembled bike like this could go up to Pesos 150,000. The owner is selling it to us at Pesos 100,000.

Isabel wearing Collezione C2. 

It was a bright and sunny day when we started taping and later on moved to another location to get some additional spiels.

Me trying the bike wearing my newly acquired dropped-crotch pants that hangs right below my knee. Such a fashion tragedy.

Hope you catch the the episodes of the show every Sunday 11:15AM at GMA News TV.
Special thanks to Reebok and Collezione C2 for Isabel's wardrobe.
Thanks, and til next time!

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