Necklace and Bracelet by Tedd Mabitazan. Pink Cropped-Tresses from Eric Poliquit.

Oooh Gurrrl!!! You'll have a Sugar Crush with the Belarusian model Bijou Licorne who stars in this tasty fashion editorial in delicious accessories from Tedd Mabitazan, Leeroy New and Eric Poliquit. With a divine hair and make up work from Judith Pia Gonzales, photographed and styled by Enzo Mondejar shot on location at the ICE Creatives Studio Cafe.

Acrylic torso-mold corset and star cut-outs from Leeroy New.

Neck-piece by Tedd Mabitazan.
Metallic Ornament from Leeroy New and Necklace from Tedd Mabitazan,
Rattan Rings used as bracelet from Leeroy New.

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Volume one of the short photo session I did last week. Watch out for Volume II.



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