I wanna write the description of this post as: 'My middle child syndrome kicked-in, and being HIGHLY, and I mean, BEYOND competitive(I have 4 siblings, so go figure)… I recently  joined a local reality TV show and I want to make sure that my plot of turning that show into MY OWN reality show, with my competitors as support casts who unfortunately would bid farewell like my diminishing eyebrows from bleaching... and my team members as my BFFs (evil grin)… starting with these BTS photos of our photo shoot a while ago taken inside the dressing room of the One Mega Group Warehouse, I was with … Jelly (who will provide the fabulous and current trends in Makeup Artistry) ... Aiky (who will bring all the Hair-raising hairstyling techniques you haven't seen before, you gotta watch out!) and of course Eric (who will play THE love interest on and off camera … and would possible turn every dull and boring look into an intense and surreal glam-ified eleganza extravaganza showdown the tv-viewers will -e.v.e.r.- see. And as they kinda do their own thaaang in the the spotlight, I will just SERVE and SLAY as I patiently twerk my way cruising my thaaang in the finals not allowing anyone to sit with us as we wear Pink every Fridays …  But I think I'll just post this shorter version because I am sleepy and I need to be fresh for my photography talk tomorrow: BTS photos of #VARSITYTeam of #MegaFashionCrew with #stylist @ericpoliquit #makeup #artist @jellyeugenio and #hairstylist #AikyNar … #Fashion #Style #Menswear #Photographer #BTS #megafashioncrewreloaded #Goodnight



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