I am one of those few who's lucky enough to build great friendships with people who possess gifts in producing great art. Just last year, I met Nicky Roa through MEGA Fashion Crew and I was amazed on how much talent he has in drawing and illustration.

A gem hidden in the limelight (or dark alley/street corners, whatever suits you) that is slowly emerging... and soon to make waves not just in the Art scene but also in Fashion. I can tell whether someone has a say on things -visually- and I believe Nicky has a lot to offer.  Few are given an eye in seeing the world on a different perspective and I believe he can even perfect it through time and additional experience.

Here is a drawing of my Portrait (Mixed Media on Paper) from the artist himself, given as a birthday gift on my 30th last month. Truly one of the best gifts I received (I have another portrait done by another artist but I will post that in another time, you see, I collect portraits drawn by people as gifts, I feel it is the most honest, truthful and sincere gift one can give to another)... 

If you have time, kindly check his works, and find out exactly what I am talking about,

(last time I checked, he accepts art commissions... so hire him)



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