On Muralla Vol. 1

On Muralla

Photography by Stephanie Lipp
Grooming by Lhenvil Paneda
Styling Assitant: Red Mil and Hanna Pechon
Model: Enzo Mondejar
Fashion: Carlos Addatu, Jay Wee, Thad Pangilinan and Ayan Gaytano

published in www.modexy.com

for more visit www.lippfoto.com

My first published(online) work as a model.

Now that I am in the process of healing from my new inks, and doing my usual routines are temporarily put on hold, such as my daily sets of weight lifts (it’s terribly painful when I tried it with a fresh wound in my upper chest) and 1K skip ropes (I am resting my left foot from a sprain I got from a trip in Quiapo last week), I have some time to spare and thought that it’s perfect timing to catch up on the posts that I have yet to share to the worldwide web.

Last December (2009) I was fortunate enough to be contacted b Stephanie Lipp(a Canadian Photographer who is here in the Philippines for a short period of time) for a concept shoot that will be featured in the yearend(’09) issue of Mode XY(an online Men’s Fashion Magazine). I was ecstatic and was so grateful for that opportunity working with a great fashion photographer whom I found quite fresh and is not afraid to try new things. She is keen in composition and has a hunch on what will be effective on print. Just what a good Photographer should have as his/her foundation in Photography. It doesn’t hurt that she is extra friendly and is just great to work with all throughout. I am still looking forward to another work with her.

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