On Muralla Vol. 2

On the day of the shoot itself, I met the wonderful team of Ryuji Shiomitsu (an incredible Wardrobe Stylist) and his team: Hanna Pechon (a fellow UST graduate) and Red Mil (Who was so helpful and patient all throughout the day’s shoot). I must admit that it was technically my first time working with a team of stylists on a single day of a photo shoot (and this is me being the designated model) and having experienced the level of work they did, it was the best start any up-and-coming model can ask for. I enjoyed how easygoing their work relationship goes, having that rightful instinct on what would look best to a model to achieve that ‘look’ they want to convey. With all the clothes I wore, I can honestly say that I am the type who will wear such amazing clothes from those talented designers, for that, my sense of style just got a new groove from the wonderful creations Ryuji showcased that day.

Without Lhenvil Paneda( Hair and Make Up Artist) I wouldn’t look as effective as I was, and having worked with him gave me a new understanding on how helpful it is to have someone like his talent on a shoot, specially when it is done on-location and outdoor. I am sure this will not be the last time we will be working with each other. I’m looking forward to a more avant-garde photo shoot with him.

From that experience, I am thankful and it really gave me a boost and energy to further pursue this new direction in my career, having seen how I can fair in such work-environment thought me a lot of things and added a valuable network of talented people in my already fierce pool of amazing friends and colleagues.

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