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When asked by the Dean of Academics of SoFA Manila, on how I will approach the class as an instructor, here's my answer:

Approach on Fashion Photography via Conceptual/Academic, Technical/Vocational and Design Support

As someone with a background in traditional Fine Arts, I can best share knowledge through a process from creating art I learned and practice. They say, good art inspires and great design motivates. As an artist, knowing that art can be interpreted differently, this makes it more easier for me to connect on each individual with a point of view. Since the fundamental purpose of the course is to communicate a message through learning the technical aspects in an academic environment through a photography course, the artist's point of view is a welcome approach in determining a good sense of opinion about fashion photography. I always considered  good fashion photographs as art, and having the ability to acknowledge good art is I think, having a good taste. While learning technical skills can prove to be a good advantage, having knowledge in creating good sense of visual composition, like the process accomplished in creating an artwork, can prove to be a fresh and effective approach in both the field of Fashion and Photography. Veering away from the technical-heavy aspect of it, after it has been taught and learned, a more conceptual approach to fashion photography can provide participants of the course dynamic sensibilities in fashion photography.

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