This 2012, I have been doing a lot of updates and changes with my career in general. Looking to tap more media in this new year, beating the 2011 shenanigans I've done out of laziness to oblivion. Looking to be more productive and finding every possible way(may it be big or small) to generate any form of creative output, is I think the 'General Plan'. So, to start, Eric Poliquit and I shot some 'oddities' yet again. It has been somewhat a form of 'tension' release, boredom eliminator and a great exercise in creative approach to do something that is organic and instantaneous with our resources... As a resolution, I am even possible to open my horizon's in contributing to local publications this year, I kinda eased my way in via contributing to several in the latter parts of 2011, but hoping that most of them too are now more open to not only present editorials-that-sell-to-possibly-but-not-totally-mediocre-minded-buying-public but editorials-worthy-of-international-standards-of-excellence-without-the-feel-of-an-overly-copied-editorial-from-a-magazine-abroad too. In the creative world: You get what you give! ... and if you put out all that is average, you find yourself flushed in glam-ified mediocrity. But I am hopeful! :) On that note, I'll send good vibrations in oddities of craziness and surprises so as it will flourish all throughout my 2012, hopefully, in your 2012 too. 

For the road less traveled, it is the road I feel much comfortable walking with Eric in to.

Photos by Enzo Mondejar
Styling by Eric Poliquit

check out THE ODDITY here


  1. fak! ang ganda lang... push push sa eric and enzo duo! love u both. eric more powers!!!!!

  2. haha, Thanks sis! alam mo naman kami ni Eric, pag-nabored- pitik pitik lang ng camera! haha. Thanks :)