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Hi Everyone!

Last month, Robinson's Mall Iloilo invited me to be a judge for Design Lab, a fashion design competition for young and aspiring fashion designers from Iloilo(I will post photos from my experience from that wonderful experience soon, been caught up with a lot of client and school work lately). On that same day though, I was lucky enough to meet Erwin Chiongson, a local-based visual artist and a fitness enthusiast, who is having an on-going exhibit hosted by Robinson's Mall Iloilo at that same time.

Looking at his works, I find it interesting, with the soft flow of wire mesh used to portray fabric onto his -mostly- 'Mother and Child' subjects, and incorporating real flora with wires and metal cables, which resembles a futuristic specimen that only an artist can think of... makes a complete visual spectacle. I also like how he uses the wire mesh to form faces that somehow, flow through space, and the sensual lines used in his works to convey how delicate and fragile his subjects are.

Here are some of his works:

You can contact Erwin Chiongson via email at

Power to Filipino Creatives!


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