STUDENT FEATURE | In-Class Photoshoot Activity 4 | Single-Lighting Technique and Determining Photography Style

Hello Everyone!

It's that time again when I am featuring works by the students from the Fashion Photography class I teach at the School of Fashion and the Arts Manila(SoFA Manila). For the June Term students of my class, I have set-up a raw and simple photo shoot session, using a single 600w Strobelight with a softbox umbrella and a wireless transmitter for them to use with each of their equipment and a female model as their subject.

With the help of our make up artist Girlie Ting Uy, a former SoFA student and a graduate of the school's make-up course, we have collaborated to prep up a 2-look requirement for Ivy of Yeoh Models

The main objective of the in-class activity is mainly to gauge the level of experience of the students into working with a staple studio equipment, which is the strobe. As a class, I understand that my students come from different background and level of expertise when it comes to the tools and equipment of our discipline, so, with this activity, I can personally adjust the teaching guidelines befitting to each of the areas in fashion photography they need to learn and hone.

We started with a brief and basic introduction of the strobelight, with its parts and use, also with additional tools used with it(like transmitters, softboxes/dishes, etc.)  then we moved on to a short demo on the different lighting techniques they can use with it. then came the actual photo shoot the students did.

Each student, given a limited time to take photos(as an added challenge), were given the objective to capture a diverse selection out of the 2 looks for our model. The first look, which is more of a natural/light make up will show more of Ivy's features, while the 2nd look is a more playful approach to showcase colors/saturation and textures to convey in the photos they will be producing.

A week after shooting, the class had a discussion on the outcome of the shoot, I have showed a live demonstration on the importance of post-processing and on how it so very important to understand the role of learning the software Adobe Photoshop in the field of Fashion Photography.

There are a lot of learnings gathered from this activity, most of which were discussed exclusively inside our class during our 5th Session, and for that, I am excited to finally gauge the appropriate learning for each of them having seen the students interact with their equipment and the skills they can do on post-shoot work.

So... here are their photos:

Photo Set by Hannah Sison

Photo Set by Julie Manalad

Photo Set by Niki Lafrades

Photot Set by Tippi Sy

Photo Set by William Uy

Each student may have other photos included in their set, but these are primarily the ones they have submitted in the class for discussion. Feel free to visit their online references if you have time.

Also... You can check our Make Up Artist Girlie Ting Uy's website at




  1. seems like the latter 3 sets are irrelevant. the challenge is to work with limited equipment yet still be relevant as the shoot showcases 2 different looks of the model. I think the latter sets hid the "look" by the technique they used in lighting and post-processing.

    1. Thanks for the insight!

      Your point was actually discussed a week after we did the photo shoot. :)