The Robinson's Iloilo Design Lab 2012

Last month of June, the good people from Robinson's Place Iloilo invited me to be one of the judges for the annual Design Lab, which is a fashion and design competition set for young, up and coming individuals who would like to set foot in the glamorous world of Fashion and Design, by starting to dominate the Iloilo Fashion Scene.

Iloilo, apart from the natural beauty of its seas and landscape, is home of many talents in the local fashion and creative scene. The names in fashion and design by the likes of Frederick Peralta and Eric Delos Santos and local top model Ria Bolivar are just few of the names that Iloilo has produced and have contributed to the success of the Philippine Fashion scene in general.

Robinson's Design Lab, in its 6th run, presented us judges with 3 top contenders who have interpreted the theme 'Apocalypse to each of their collection. This came about after months of thorough screening and rigid training by the young aspiring designers:

Alfie Desamparado (with his collection):

 Russel Patina (with his collection):

 and Rommel Salarda (with his collection):

 The grand finals, hosted by Gail Nunez and Rofel John Parreno, started with a Kazaky-inspired performances, that segued to revealing each of the designers collections.

Prior to judging all the designs of each of the three contestants, we(the judges) were given a chance to talk to each of the designer, and check out their designs up-close so as we can better gauge and understand how the clothes came about based from each of their creative and design process.

After the 'question and answer' part of the competition, we(the judges) have sum up all our scores and tallied it all to reveal the winner. This is me(rightmost) with my fellow judges Fashion Stylist and your Avantgardien Andre Chang, Metro Magazine's Editor and Resident Stylist Mela de Luna and  respected and truly loved Fashion Designer Frederick Peralta.

and the winner is...

 To award the winning designer, we have called in Robinson's Iloilo's Ditas Taleon and Keim Lumampao representing one of the sponsors for the event to come up on stage and award Alfie with an honorary necklace/medal in a form of a large button(how cute and symbolic)

Here we. the judges, are joined by Fashion Designer Bo Parcon, who creatively directed the event with the 3 young contestants of the competition.

Winning a competition is never complete without a celebration, so, our hosts invited us for a dinner at the Iloilo nightlife cental 'Smallville' where fresh seafood were served for our enjoyment(this is where I found out that when eating oysters, one should only drink one kind of alcoholic drink, I had beer and red wine that night - that I can remember :) -) We are also joined by the owner of the bar that hosted us, organizers of the event from Robinson's Iloilo, Stylist Eric Poliquit(who I flew with from Manila) the winner and his models + lots more friends from the local Iloilo fashion circuit.

Hopefully, til the next run of the competition, I will be invited again, for I really love witnessing how young creatives break-free and enter the world full of challenges, fun and surprises... molding them to having a thriving creative profession in the business -and life- that is Fashion!



some local press release from the said event:

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