SoFA Second Semester Fashion Photography Activity 2 | Working with Natural Light Part 1


Earlier this day, my students did their 2nd Photo Activity, which is taking basic photographic principles in natural lighting and working with nothing more than just a reflector/s. I divided my class into 2 groups:

Group 1: must produce soft, desaturated images in natural lighting while

Group 2: must do the complete opposite and provide me sharp, well-saturated photos in the same lighting environment.

These are just some of the photos I took referencing the requirement for Group 1.

Photography and Styling by Enzo Mondejar
Hair and Make Up by Krista Silva
Model: Elaija @ YEOH Models
Designs by Nikita Lafrades of SoFA Manila
Shot at Enzo Building Makati City

Part 2 Coming Soon!




  1. had fun during the shoot sir enzo! thanks for another day of fun and learning! :)

    1. Glad to know you had fun! We will have more in coming sessions :)