STYLING WORK | Sports Pilipinas on GMA News TV 11 | October 3, 2012 Taping


Sharing some of the BTS photos from taping our TV show SPORTS PILIPINAS on GMA News TV last 3rd of October(2012).

We taped one of our segments at the Ronac ART Center in San Juan, and here are some of the interesting views the place can offer:
Isabel doing a spiel in continuity of the segment we taped earlier that day.

Isabel doing a spiel about a segment featuring Rubik's Cube and the sports and challenge involved in playing this creative piece of a cube.

Isabel trying her to solve a Rubik's cube puzzle. It is not as easy as it looks. Although there is a technique to solving it, official competitions are subjected to a time-crunched challenge.

 Now, trying on a Mickey Mouse Rubik's Cube. Mickey's new look courtesy of Isabel's Rubik's cube skills.

Some Rubik's Cube on the set.

Possibly the best CBTL chain in the Metro, aesthetic-wise... Thanks to Ronac ART Center... Thanks to Ate G for the Ice-blended frappe too :)

 While we are taping the show, PBA's San Miguel Coffee-Mixers are having their practice-game on the other end of the gym. I was dwarfed by their height. Wesley Gonzales looks waaay better in person if you personally ask me. But that's just me, haha

Now, taking some spiels and segments inside the PLAYGROUND(Gym) of the Ronac ART Center. 

Earlier that day, we taped a segment with racer Marlon Stockinger in his residence. It is inspiring that at a young age, he managed to gather a lot of trophies and get to do his passion while killing it in the race track.

Here are just some of Marlon's prized trophies and his helmet with the Philippine flag print on it.

Hoe you catch the the episode this Sunday(October 7, 2012) 11:15AM at GMA News TV.
Special thanks to PUMA for Isabel's wardrobe.

Thanks, and til next time!