SoFA Second Semester Fashion Photography Activity 2 | Working with Natural Light Part 2


This is the 2nd part of my blog-post about our 2nd in-class photo activity for the Fashion Photography class I teach at SoFA Manila. This is a sample treatment of my requirement for Group 2, a full-saturated, with a split-toning-feel yet, sharp and details are seen in their photo set. This is exactly the opposite of the requirement I required for the first group(to check on the requirement, go here : )

This is just a few of the quick sample shots I have for the 2nd group.

Photography and Styling by Enzo Mondejar
Hair and Make Up by Krista Silva
Model: Elaija @ YEOH Models
Designs by Nikita Lafrades of SoFA Manila
Shot at Enzo Building Makati City

On Friday, I will be discussing the photos they submitted out of the said activity we did, and on how they can furthermore improve their skills in post-processing of their photos via a lecture/hands-on demo I will do for them. Until next time guys! Cheers!


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