SoFA Second Semester Fashion Photography Activity 7 | Homme Fashion Photography | Creative Lighting Techniques

Hello Everyone,

Last week, my fashion photography class did our 7th in-class activity learning the techniques in creative lighting system combining both available/natural light and strobelight/artificial light. This technique is a technique I have used for several years now doing photography, and sharing this technique in shooting subjects in challenging lighting set-ups can be very useful and handy. 

Adding an additional learning and experience for my students through selecting a male model for them to work with is a welcome idea that would enable them to differentiate the difference in shooting between a female and a male model. On what challenges they need to overcome and on the pros and cons of selecting between 2 subjects when taking photographs.

As usual, I made the activity interesting for my students... but more so... challenging yet enjoying. I made the activity into 2 parts asking them to shoot both outdoors and indoors so as to help them apply the learning I taught to them during the first few weeks of our course.  The photo above shows our model in our outdoor set up, while the photo below shows him indoors being projected with the works of Max Hattler (Collision and Hattler: Nachtmaschine - Director's Cut)

Here are some more of the photos taken during our activities. Taken in 5 minutes after all the students finished each of their turns shooting.

Photography and Styling by Enzo Mondejar
Hair and Grooming by Krista Silva
Model: JA at YEOH Models
Wrapped Leggings by Eric Poliquit
Shot on location at the School of Fashion and the Arts Design Institute Manila
Enzo Building, Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue, Makati City


Watch out as I will also post select works from the activity taken by the students.

Thanks for viewing!




  1. amazing.. andami ko sigurong matututunan sayo enz! ganda ng outdoors!

    1. Mga kalokohan ang matututunan mo sa akin! hahahaha