STUDENT FEATURE | SoFA Second Semester Fashion Photography Activity 2 | Working with Natural/Available Light

Hello Everyone, 

I am sharing the early works of my fashion photography students. This is the first in-class activity we did last October.  The following photos were taken by the students from both groups 1 and 2:

Group 1: must produce soft, desaturated images in natural lighting while
Group 2: must do the complete opposite and provide me sharp, well-saturated photos in the same lighting environment.
Please check the reference photos that I personally took the same day the students did the activity
Group 1:
Group 2:

Check their works and let me know if they succeeded in completing each of their requirements.

Photo by Clarice Wong (Group 2)
(Group 1)
Photo by Jhoana Teano (Group 1)
Photo by Joan Malonzo (Group 2)
Photo by Jona Buenaventura (Group 2)
Photo by Kristine Toribio (Group 1)
Photo by Mariel Fernandez (Group 1)
Photo by Pia De Castro Tolentino (Group 1)
Photo by Roshni Chotrani (Group 1)
Photo by Tara Subaldo (Group 1)
Photo by Tricia Alcasid (Group 2)


Styling and Photography Supervision by Enzo Mondejar
Hair and Make Up by Krista Silva
Model: Elaija @ YEOH Models
Designs by Nikita Lafrades of SoFA Design Institute Manila
 Shot at Enzo Building Makati City
Thanks for viewing!


  1. Really good photography work! The lighting that you are using really works well with the scenery. It couldn't have been better. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks, apart from the weird sale sofa bed as a name, i think my students will appreciate your comment.