STUDENT FEATURE | SoFA Manila's Fashion Photography Class and Fashion Design Class Collaboration Activity

Sharing to you some snapshots of the collaboration activity between my class (Fashion Photography) and Sir Aan Pineda's class (Fashion Design) of the School of Fashion and the Arts Manila (SoFA)

This is my class' 9th photo activity wherein I asked my students to take photographs of  each of the design student's creation.

The objective of the activity is to feature the 'Designer's Avant-Garde Creations' ... infusing their own creative style in photography, without losing the identity of the subject they are taking photos of.

The Fashion Design students prepared their own hair and make-up while the Fashion Photography Students documented each look via the time-challenged photo shoot they had with their assigned subjects. It was a good exercise in building a strong ability to work with other creative individuals, a must in preparation once diving-in to the world of Fashion here in the Philippines!




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  2. I super love the photos! Maybe you guys can also join the 27th national visual arts competition. You may have a big chance of winning! See the details here.