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Hi Everyone!

Last Monday, right after I finished my finals activity for my photography class, 
I was asked to do a TV guesting for a local show in GMA channel 7 : WISH KO LANG.

The reality show hosted by Vicky Morales, grants wishes from its letter senders.
A letter sender can 'make a wish' or request something and the show will document the process on how the wishes will materialize.
I was briefed that our case study is a young/passionate blogger and fashion enthusiast by the name of Aaron Castro.

Aaron aspires to someday work in the fashion industry, but before that, since he is just 14 years old, he wish meet his fashion idol Liz Uy first.
Get insights and eventually fuel his passion more to pursue his dreams. Below is the teaser for the episode which aired a while ago.

My role in the show is to somehow 'challenge' Aaron via a mock photo shoot competition (the production team of the show arranged this prior to him meeting Liz)

And since I am a photographer by profession, my task is to take photos of Aaron, together with several actors playing Aaron's competitors in the mock competition (at that point, Aaron is still clueless about what he is in for)...
Testing him if he is really committed and will do anything to get in the business that is Fashion.
Eric was the one who acted as a judge a la Tyra Banks in ANTM.

It was a fun episode and I am sharing some snapshots of what went on during the taping.

Aaron imitating the  'Liz Uy' Preview pose (He knows it by heart)

Aaron, now with Liz doing the pose. This is such a heartwarming moment for everyone to see on the set.

 Liz together with Aaron's family and friends. The young girl standing in front of Liz(wearing horizontal striped top and a sling bag) is Aaron's younger sister, and the designated 'Photographer' every time Aaron documents his looks via his 'now famous' lookbook and blog account.

A photo of Aaron with Liz. 


The Style Fairies, who made Aaron's wish come true. A photo of me, Liz and Eric.

Super thanks to our Director, Ian Galsim, for considering us to help Aaron's wish come true.
And Xeng Atienza and the whole 'Wish Ko Lang' production team for awesomeness! :)

do visit more of the Behind The Scene Photos of the episode via Aaron's Blog
by clicking 



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