STUDENT FEATURE | SoFA Manila's Fashion Design Class Haute Couture Photo Shoot Activity

Hi Everyone!

I am back in my studio, from a long hiatus of doing post work and arranging my photo materials, and now, since I have terrible backlogs ... let me start from where I left. These are the photos I took last 27th of April, for the Fashion Design Class of SoFA Manila, headed by Sir Aan Pineda's class. This activity, is a follow-up from our previous class-collaboration activity about my photography students photographing the avant garde creations of the students from their class. Originally, the plan was, to have my students take the actual photos of Aan's class, but due to the lack of availability of the schedule of my students, I just stepped-in and took the photos myself. As a photographer, any avenue where I can share and engage my experience to a fresh and new breed of creative individuals... is always an open idea. As they are randomly arranged, do enjoy the pieces that our students have produced, some being worn by the actual designers themselves, some by a friend, or a fellow classmate. 


(Last 2 images are excerpts from the Avant Garde design activity)



  1. Thanks Enzo! This is very beautiful :)

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