Last Thursday, I had myindustrial piercing with my go-to-pain guy Norman Labao of Ouch! Tattoo. Norman did 2 of my ink(The Betta Splendens on my upper chest) so it wasn't hard to make a decision on who would I trust to have my piercing done. I just hated the fact that Norman didn't recognize me since the last time we saw each other, I think last year during  The Dutdutan event(The annual convention for tattoo and all related to it here in the Philippines)... this is since I gained around 30 pounds from not being so 'active' as I needed to be. But all is good since, I am back to doing skip ropes to loss some extra pounds(I am just in my first week so be easy on me) before I finally get some new inks for le body!. For the mean time, I am enjoying how my industrial piercing look on me, and glad that I had it done. So glad, that I am even considering doing the right ear... but I have to put my attention to more important things first, like putting up a creative studio somewhere in between ABS-CBN and GMA7 before it hits Christmas. 

I just realize how my mind can put A LOT of things in a simple post about having new holes done in my left ear. ugh!

Sometimes, you need pain to validate that you are human.