STUDENT FEATURE | Behind The Lens: Fashion Photography Students at SoFA Manila Photo Activity

The sun was up yesterday when my students at SoFA Manila had their 7th photo activity for our Fashion Photography class. We have worked with a male model(Leo Miranda) for the said activity, and we made use of the urbanized background of what our campus had to offer. Utilizing both the Gil Puyat(Buendia) facade of our building, also the narrow alley-way right beside and the busy streets of Jupiter in Makati as our location.

Here is Tippi working some shots with Leo along Buendia Ave... With that... some posing instructions too were seen from her

RG works with Leo in the photo below to gather some good headshot materials I have required for them. I am excited to see what they have come up with from the activity.

Hannah, a working fashion model herself, knows how to capture some of Leo's good angles as she traverses the stretch of Jupiter street while doing the activity.

Not minding the difficulties just to get the right angle and composition to produce the perfect shot! Standing in the background is Niki observing how the shoot is progressing while Julie sends us a smile and a 'peace sign', enjoying much of what is going on.

Here, Hannah and Niki taking both of Leo's photos for the activity. 

We finished the activity successfully, producing what we needed for the requirement, now, I am eagerly waiting for my students works to evaluate and discuss it during our next session.

Thanks and keep shooting guys! :)

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