Apology Accepted

I am sharing the letter from the desk of the Reader's Advocate of the Philippine Daily Inquirer. The sole purpose of me sharing this letter is to give peace to those of my followers and friends who have been asking on the developments of my complaint against PDI upon using my photo work without my consent. I hope my family and friends would read this and somehow, understand and respect the resolution we have settled into:

Hi there Enzo!
I wish to thank you for bringing to the Inquirer’s attention the unauthorized use your photo in the lifestyle article earlier this year. As I told you in an earlier tweet, your complaint has been attention of the lifestyle editor as well as to the entire editorial staff of the PDI. With this email, I wish to extend our apology to you and to inform you that the article (with the photo) has been taken down.
Please know that your complaint was taken seriously and that it has become an opportunity for PDI reporters and editors to become (once again) sensitized to using materials without seeking prior consent. I hope that you are somehow appeased by this. Once again, I reiterate my own – and our collective – thanks and apologies.
Elena E. Pernia
Readers’ Advocate
 My response was:

Hi Ms. Elena,

 I appreciate the kind gesture in your message, from you and the PDI team. I hope this experience would somehow help us strengthen our local print industry, in having a great sense of accountability and sensitivity to each of the work our fellow creative brothers and sisters in the field. Apology has been accepted. Thanks too and good luck with the publication's future endeavors.

Enzo Mondejar
In the end, we are all professionals working as such, and in spite of some misjudgement on our part as a responsible creative individual, we are one industry. All of our actions, whether good or bad should be a learning lesson to us all. The last thing that I would advise to those who would be put in the same position as I am is to blatantly react in an uncivilized manner and blast everyone who have crossed me in all of my social network accounts. I don't think it would solve anything and would definitely not help my younger following in understanding on how to deal with such events. Gladly, my drive and passion is stronger than anything that hinders my talent, in which, the saying -'The Creative Adult(in every way) Is The Child Who Survived' - truly is something that I live by.

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