STUDENT FEATURE | SoFA Manila's Fashion Photography Class Activity 7 | Following a Requirement in an Outdoor Photo Shoot Activity

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Let me share to you the first batch of the student feature post here in my photo blog, last week, the fashion photography students of SoFA Manila did an outdoor photo shoot activity with a male model. The objective of the activity is to produce a series of photos showcasing the busy -and interesting- streets of Manila(or Makati to be more specific). It is a take from the 2010 Willy Vanderperre fashion editorial for Arena Homme+ with Clement Chabernaud entitled 'The Angels Have Gone' which you can see here --->

With the photo references shown to them during the pre-production discussion, the students were tasked to simulate a treatment that would somehow show a series of photos/editorial captured in the scorching heat of the summer sun. We did the photo shoot just days after the terrible rains that swept the whole Metro Manila, so having to produce and see an editorial with that treatment amidst the downpour, would add up to the students' challenge(in terms of psychoanalysis and mood deviation from actual reality) and a fresh breather from the damp weather all in all.

By now, since we have already done 7 photo activities in class, I have a good understanding on what style, treatment and technique each of them do in their photos, and it would be interesting to see their individual style on each of their work mixed with the actual requirement I have asked for them to produce.

Special Thanks to Levenson Rodriguez cor the coat worn by Leo, Eric Poliquit for the sunglasses and Yeoh Egwaras for the model recommendation. 

Let me start with the work from Julie Manalad. Check out her works and see if she have met with the requirement of the activity:

You can check more of Julie's work here:
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Now, let us move on to our second student Tippi Sy. With her 3-photo layout editorial, have she given justice to the interesting offerings of the urban set-up she used as a location? check here photos here:

For more of Tippi's photographic work, visit here Flickr photostream here:


Next up, is the set of photos shot by RG Medestomas. In here, you can see Leo(our model) working on some of RG's direction as a photographer. Did RG's technique prevail in producing the right photos from his photo shoot?

You can check more of RG's Flickr photostream here --->


 Moving on from the photo work of one of the fashion design students in my photography class Nikki Lafrades. Personally, just by looking at her photos, comparing them from the first set of photos she had submitted to me, I can see an obvious improvement, I think I need to thank Julie(one of her classmates) for helping her out with some of the techniques too. But were those techniques utilized in producing her photos? Be the judge here:


And lastly, we have Hannah Sison's photo set. As a multimedia artist, have she produced the photos required from the activity, more so, have she somehow, showed a new approach in her photography that will excite her audience more with what she can actually deliver? Let's see here:

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So that's it, I am excited to deliver my evaluation by next week to my class. Another photo shoot activity, another learning. Until next photo shoot guys!



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